How much can you save if your HVAC is turned off

How much can you save if the HVAC is turned off? Many of us are motivated to live a "greener" lifestyle due to rising energy costs and growing environmental awareness. We, as consumers, are taking the necessary steps to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprints. It doesn't matter if your primary motivations are economic or [...]Read more

How Electric Heat Pumps Helps

Electric Heat Pumps: Energy-efficient Tech for Future To combat climate change, President Biden set the goal to reduce U.S. greenhouse gases 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030. This target can be met by rapidly converting as many fossils fuel-powered operations to electricity as possible and generating electricity from low-carbon or carbon-free sources like wind, solar [...]Read more

How does geothermal technology work

Which are better, geothermal heating systems or geothermal cooling systems for the environment? Geothermal Heating Systems: How they work Geo-exchange systems harness the earth's energy for heat and cooling How does geothermal technology work? Temperatures fluctuate as the seasons change. The temperature below the surface remains the same. The temperature of the water is maintained [...]Read more