7 Causes of HVAC Compressor Failure & 5 Ways to Avoid Compressor Breakdown

7 Causes of HVAC Compressor Failure & Ways to Avoid AC Compressor Failures & Breakdowns

The last thing you want in the Springfield, Virginia, hot summer season on a hot scorching day is to find out that your Springfield commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner is not working. While some AC repair service issues are not that expensive, if the reason turns out to be AC compressor failure, it will certainly put a big dent in your pocket.

What Does an AC Compressor Do?

An HVAC compressor is a vital component and is regarded as the core of your HVAC system. It is responsible for controlling the Refrigerant, a cooling material to stream in the AC and remove heat (or cold atmosphere in the event of reversible ACS).

They could last quite a long time — 10 to 15 years if supplied with appropriate care.

But failure to keep your Springfield Virginia unit AC will cause an increase in wear and tear. Dust, debris, or refrigerant leaks have a more significant impact on the operation of your AC compressor. So, when a compressor breaks down, it implies you’ve got an HVAC crisis! In certain unfortunate situations, you will not have the ability to repair it, and replacement is the only alternative.

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How Does an air conditioner Compressor Work?

Heat flows from a place of high temperature to someplace of low temperature. Air conditioners operate on precisely the same principle. Following that, it flows to the compressor, decreasing the Refrigerant’s quantity and turning it into a liquid state. When an appliance refrigerant is compressed, its temperature rises, and it transforms into high-energy gasoline. It then flows into the coil condenser to release the heat, which is pushed airflow outside and converted into a liquid that flows into the indoor unit. The method is repeated over and over again to complete the refrigerant cycle.

Warning Signs of a Commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner Compressor Failure

Compressor replacement or repair is costly, and you’d want to discover any problem that could lead to your air conditioner’s compressor failure when you can. So, below are five early warning signals that indicate your compressor is all going to have a breakdown:

  1. Weak Airflow Reduced airflow is one of the early indicators of AC compressor failure. But it might be pretty difficult to notice it because you will continue to decrease the temperature for your first few days if you believe your home is not cool. The perfect method to learn whether the airflow is weak is to put your hands beneath the vents. If you genuinely feel little to no airflow or sense hot air when it ought to be comfortably cool, this means your aircon has a compressor problem. You should contact an HVAC professional instantly and get it repaired. Learn more: HVAC airflow blockage problems
  2. Loud Banging Noises If your commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner starts with loud banging or growling noises and you notice vibrations accompanying it, then you need to be alerted at once. It might be a sign of various troubles, and AC compressor failure is one of these. These AC sounds indicate that the compressor is having trouble starting and is likely to fail in the future. The banging sound also signifies the collapse of the electrical components in the compressor. Turn off your commercial/residential HVAC unit in Springfield and Springfield Virginia, and contact a professional AC Contractor near you to get a thorough checkup of your AC system.
  3. Leaking Refrigerant The telltale signs of a refrigerant flow include feeble airflow, hissing noises, ice formation, or water around your Commercial/residential HVAC unit or on the evaporator coils. It would be best to repair a refrigerant flow urgently as it could lead to different issues. It may influence your system’s heating and lead to compressor failure long term. Monthly HVAC maintenance can help with the early detection of commercial/residential refrigerant leaks before it has a chance to damage your AC compressors.
  4. Expensive Higher Electricity utility Costs If your air conditioner parts/compressor has to work harder to cool your home, it will attract more energy and operate more frequently, drastically increasing your energy bills.

Here’s the list of 10 frequent causes of AC compressor failures that need your attention immediately:

    1. Electrical outlet Failure electrical outage failure can be caused by a damaged contactor, wires, and fuses. Acids develop in your system because of electric problems causing other parts of your AC to malfunction. Power surges may also lead to electrical issues on your own commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner Springfield. Oxidation Acid and buildup is usually a prominent sign of electrical problems on your HVAC system. A trained professional can discover acid buildup during a routine inspection, making the repairs until it gets out of hand.
  1. Blockage of all Condenser Coils Deficiency of upkeep plays a significant part in obstructing your condenser coils. When they’re blocked with grime and dust, they can’t discharge heat that places pressure on the compressor. If you continue to run your own body in this condition, your compressor can overheat and stop functioning altogether.
  2. Compressor Overheating Overheating is a common reason for compressor failure, and there are several factors at play. If direct sunlight falls in your outside unit and there is insufficient ventilation around it, it makes your unit’s breaker overheated. High voltages may also damage the engine causing the compressor to overheat. Additionally, dirty coils, low refrigerant levels, and too little insulation; can all contribute to compressor overheating, ultimately leading to compressor failure in Springfield.
  3. Evaporator Motor Displacement Commercial/residential If your AC’s parts and labor evaporator motor are broken displaced, it can induce the Refrigerant to return to the compressor. This pushes the breaker oil out of its place, and your system can face lubrication difficulties. It leads to the compressor losing its efficacy with time, and eventually, it will cease to function.
  4. Low Refrigerant Levels Appliances You won’t cool your business or Springfield home in Virginia without an adequate refrigerant on your commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner. It’s a frequent misconception which refrigerant levels fall with time. Your air conditioner does not use up the Refrigerant. If the amounts are low, there is likely a leakage that needs to be sorted urgently.
  5. Too Much Refrigerant in Your Unit You are wondering how the excess quantity of Refrigerant obtained in your unit? Have you ever had a problem of low refrigerant level and known as a tech to repair it?
  6. Clogged or Damaged Suction Lines As time passes, the suction lines of your fridge can create cracks and holes, hindering the refrigerant leak in the system. This puts pressure on your compressor as now it’s to use the extra capability to pump sufficient Refrigerant resulting in a breakdown. One of the evident signs is a decrease in the cooling capacity.

Filthy air ventilation grill of HVAC with a dusty clogged filter, close up, macro. Cleaning and disinfecting are required to prevent dust allergies and other lung illnesses and diseases.

Here are steps you can follow to prevent HVAC compressor failure breakdowns:

  1. You need a regular professional HVAC inspection to check the Springfield electrical wiring since you won’t be doing it independently during monthly maintenance. Electrical Wiring issues may lead to acid accumulation which deteriorates many commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioners, such as the most important one — your compressor.
  2. Get surge protectors to safeguard your device against abrupt high voltage, low voltage, or power surges. Some surge guards provide you a compressor guarantee in case of damage or compressor failure.
  3. Eliminate Clutter Around the Outdoor Unit Leaves of dust, dirt and other pollutants may get trapped within the outdoor unit interfering with its functioning. Periodic cleaning of the outside unit is crucial to keep it running correctly.
  4. Maintain the Suction Lines Clean Stress and pressure changes can impact the regular operation of your compressor when suction lines become blocked because of excessive dirt, the stress, and the temperature increase, resulting in overheating. An overheated compressor may fail very rapidly.
  5. Call Licensed Professionals An unqualified technician can pose fatal problems for your commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner. As mentioned above, they can fill out the Refrigerant too much, resulting in compressor failure. Similarly, while repairing suction lines, they can install a short or long suction point to interfere with the compressor pressure.
  6. Lubricate Your AC Thoroughly The compressor is the heart of your own commercial/residential Springfield Virginia air conditioner; keeping it lubricated is the key to its better health. Lubrication can help in avoiding compressor failure before the expected time.
  7. Clean AC coils, collect debris, and require regular cleaning; failure to do this can interfere with the heating procedure. At these times, the compressor has to do extra work to eliminate the heat.

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