Does a Home Warranty Cover
for Your HVAC Repair & Replacement Springfield, VA?

What is covered by your HVAC Home Warranty?

Home warranty plans typically cover ducted air conditioning systems as well as mini-splits and geothermal systems. They protect your home’s electrical and plumbing systems from damage. Your home warranty covers your HVAC unit as well, including the repair or replacement of its significant elements. This is especially important when your home’s temperature rises to dangerous levels in summer. Without an HVAC unit, it becomes nearly impossible to regulate the climate. You can have peace of mind year-round because your home warranty will not cost you thousands of dollars to fix air conditioner problems.

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What is not covered by your SPRINGFIELD HVAC Home Warranty Plan

A home warranty plan for HVAC systems is not all-inclusive. There are some scenarios in your unit that may not be covered depending on which method you choose.

• Your warranty plan won’t cover repairs or replacement if your unit fails to meet SPRINGFIELD HVAC maintenance.
• The SPRINGFIELD HVAC home warranty plan does not cover anything beyond normal wear and tear. Your warranty plan will not cover any issues that arise from your SPRINGFIELD HVAC systems, such as a circuit overload or power loss.
• Home warranty providers do not cover weather changes. Floods, storms, and heavy rains are not usually covered. A home insurance policy can cover unexpected damages, so make sure you check it out.
• Also, home warranty plans don’t cover HVAC equipment changes. If your HVAC system is damaged or dies, the new unit might have different dimensions and other power requirements. It might also require structural or electrical modifications.

SPRINGFIELD HVAC Maintenance & Home Warranty

Regular maintenance will ensure your SPRINGFIELD HVAC unit runs more efficiently and lasts longer. Regular maintenance extends the life expectancy of your HVAC unit and prevents premature failures. Poor maintenance can result in high utility bills and damage to major components of the unit. Regular AC tune-ups should be performed in spring and autumn to inspect for refrigerant leakage and determine if any parts need extra lubrication.

Your home warranty plan will also require HVAC maintenance. For your home air conditioner warranty coverage, you must maintain SPRINGFIELD HVAC equipment to be eligible for the warranty. To verify that your system has received annual maintenance, the company may ask you for documentation. A poor maintenance record can invalidate your contract, and your home warranty provider may not be able to cover any damage caused by your carelessness.

Five Best Home Warranty Options For HVAC Systems

Some companies offer air conditioning repair and replacement as part of their basic plan. Others move AC units to their premium plans. It is possible to create your plan. However, it all depends on whether the home warranty provider offers this option. To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of the top 5 home warranties for HVAC units.

1. American Home Shield

American Home Shield covers more than 20 appliances and homes. There are three pricing options available, each with additional add-ons. AHS is known for its “Build your own plan” coverage. This allows you to choose the appliances and systems you wish to cover by the warranty plan. AHS has more than 16,000 contractors who will enable it to pay more service requests. AHS offers repair and replacement of most components and ductwork for your air conditioner unit, with some exceptions.

2. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty has processed more than 3,000,000 service requests. It offers two types: Basic and Total. It promises a response within 48 hours for its customers. Choice Warranty doesn’t have age restrictions and provides a 90-day guarantee on repairs. They cover heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and roofing.

3. Choose a Home Warranty

It’s been around for eight years and offers a no exclusion policy on certain appliances. The standard industry cost is $50 per month. The Select Home Warranty plan offers two months of free coverage when you sign up. This is a rare offer in the industry. The program covers the heating and air conditioning systems.

4. America’s First Choice (AFC), Home Club

The home warranty company offers four plans: a Systems plan; a Silver plan, a Gold plan, and a Platinum with optional add-ons. The project provides flexible coverage and extensive projects. It also includes a guarantee for labor and parts for the duration of the plan. AFC gives you the option to select the technician that suits your needs best. It also offers 24/7 customer support and emergency alert network services. Their major plans include heating, air conditioning, and plumbing.

5. Amazon Home Warranty

Amazon Home Warranty offers one-month free coverage after you sign up for the plan. They have ten years of industry experience and an extensive contractor network to satisfy their customers’ needs. Amazon Home Warranty covers; warranted major appliances, regardless of age. This can be very helpful. There are three options available: the Appliances plan, Systems, and Combo plans, along with 23 add-ons. The majority of the projects cover central AC and heating systems.

What is the cost of a home warranty?

Two types of costs are required when you apply for a home warranty.

• The monthly premium is due every month or every year, depending on the plan type.
• This fee is paid to the technician who diagnoses the problem and repairs the damaged equipment. Many home warranty companies offer the possibility of personalizing your payment plan. You have the option to pay a higher monthly premium and a lower service fee, or vice versa.

What’s the difference between a Manufacturer’s
Warranty, Home Insurance, and Home Warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty covers appliances as well, but it is not like a home warranty. It only protects against specific problems for a certain period. The SPRINGFIELD HVAC unit comes with a 5–10-year warranty. It covers limited parts and compressors. However, this varies from brand to brand.

A home warranty covers only appliances and systems. This warranty provides financial assistance if an appliance or system fails unexpectedly, such as your SPRINGFIELD HVAC. Your home insurance will cover your losses if a storm or major appliances damage your home. This does not include your warranty.

Insurance for your home protects you from losses due to natural disasters or accidents. It protects your assets and residence from damage caused by fire, heavy storms, and even theft.

Why should you buy a home warranty?

Home warranties are an affordable way to protect appliances from unexpected breakdowns while leaving your emergency funds and savings intact. A home warranty, for example, can help you avoid living without a SPRINGFIELD HVAC system that is properly working in case you depend too heavily on it. Here are more benefits to choosing a home warranty policy:

No-hassle Repair or Replacement

First, find a trustworthy technician when your essential equipment, like your air conditioner, stops working. A home warranty provides you with access to a professional who can quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate.

Cost Savings

It will usually cost about $5000 to replace an HVAC system that has failed. That is quite a large sum! An average home warranty costs between $300-$600 per year. This difference can help you to see how much you could save. With just one replacement call, you could be able to recover every dollar that you have paid for your home warranty.

24/7 Customer Service

This is how it would look: Your AC breaks down at 100F. You don’t know how long to find a technician so you can get it fixed. These situations are ideal for home warranty plans. Most major home warranty companies provide 24-hour support, allowing you to report any problem immediately and get it resolved in a matter of days or hours.

Is it worth having a home warranty for HVAC?

As we have already mentioned, a SPRINGFIELD HVAC unit is one of your most essential and costly equipment. They can be challenging to repair or maintain, and they can cost a lot of money. A home warranty for your SPRINGFIELD HVAC system can help you avoid this budget stress. It is entirely worth it. Before you buy a home warranty SPRINGFIELD HVAC plan, do your research. This will help you understand what parts can be replaced or repaired and what exclusions are included. Relax and enjoy the solution to your home maintenance problems!

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