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8 common myths of Air Conditioner

It’s not surprising that AC systems are running all year round in the Summer months. There are many cooling myths, despite the fact that most of us have AC systems installed in our homes over many years. Below is a list of the common myths regarding your AC.

1) Bigger AC Unit Is Always Better

A common myth about AC units is that bigger AC units are better. AC units are measured precisely to determine the amount of cooling they require. This is particularly important when you are looking to purchase another AC unit or remodel your home. If an AC unit is being evaluated for a smaller space than yours, it will attempt to cool the air, destroy faster, and meet the requirements of the indoor regulator.

If the AC unit is not evaluated for the space you have, it may turn on and off constantly, eventually destroying itself and becoming unreliable over time. You should be able to focus on the limit and choose the best unit for your space.

2) It is not necessary to clean your system coils and fins

You should note that the AC system evaporator lets heat energy from the refrigerant enter the space. Condenser coils also absorb heat from the house. Dust particles can impede the main process of heat transfer.

If your system is clogged up, you are putting yourself at risk of losing your proficiency and spending more money. To ensure that your coils are clean, you should start cleaning your system before the warmer season. Your system will stay in good condition by regular AC maintenance.

3) It doesn’t matter where the thermostat is installed.

The thermostat reads the temperature around it to determine whether the air conditioner should be turned on to cool down your home. The indoor regulator will only ensure that the room cools down to the set temperature. The climate control system will cool down when the room is cooled. If the home or floor above it gets too hot, it will also cool down.

If the indoor regulator is placed near a sufficient bright window or apparatus, it may decide that the temperature is too high and run your AC. This could cause higher energy bills.

4) Turning off AC when not at home saves cooling bill

The another common myth about ACs is that they only get fitted if you leave them on for a prolonged period. When you leave your house to heat up on a hot summer day, turn it off and return to your home, the AC unit needs to work harder to cool you down.

An excellent way to save energy is setting the indoor regulator at a temperature that you are comfortable with. Programmable indoor regulators make this easier by allowing you to indicate when you will be returning home from work and the expected time it will return. The indoor regulator raises the temperature naturally when you go away and lowers it shortly after you return. This makes you feel great as you walk through the door and helps you save energy.

5) Price is the main factor in buying an AC

When you’re considering buying or installing an AC system, there are many things to take into consideration. You should make your decision based on your solace needs, your budget, and the time-frame that you expect to be living in your current home.

When you invest in a high-effectiveness framework that is more efficient than your existing unit or base-productivity models, upgrades to energy reserve funds can provide real, unmistakable results. The complexity of the installation, the nature and cost of the current ventilation work, as well as any guidelines that could impact the price of a new energy-efficient fully installed cooling system will all affect the amount of work expenses.

6) AC Units are only for summer

Half of the myths mentioned above are true, half of them false. There are AC units that can be set up with storm, hot and cold modes. This allows for the air to be adapted according to the season. The AC unit removes excess stickiness from the room, much like the rainstorm mode. ACs can now be used in cold environments and even bend to act as warmers.

7) AC Makes you Unwell

This is the most popular myth we hear. Your AC unit has an air filter. This air filter, if maintained in good condition, will remove airborne toxins such as residue and microbes which can cause you to become debilitated.

If these toxins build up in your unit’s vents and channels, you could end up inhaling them and possibly become ill. It is important to have your AC repaired regularly.

8) HVAC Professional is Required When Something Goes Wrong

AC units require that an experienced HVAC Contractor be consulted at least once a year for maintenance. The unit’s upkeep is essential to keep it in top condition and increase its productivity. AC systems are a major investment in your home. It will save you money on energy and prevent costly misfortunes.

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